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John Fischer is a pianist, composer, painter and sculptor

Portraits of Self

This project began with drawings and paintings in 1959. The original concept traced states of being and sometimes reflected the actual facial appearance of subjects. In other words, some were actual "portraits" of a face while most others were portraits of inner consciousness, emotional states and self identities.

Recently, this ongoing experiment in portraiture has elaborated black and white photography by transformations of color and some graphic elements. Elastic distortions are not the issue here. The coexistance of facial features with inner state color and form represents a revolution/evolution in portraiture.

The original photos used on this page are by Jean-Claude Brutsch, Geneva, Switzerland

©John Fischer


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John Fischer is a pianist, composer, painter and sculptor

During the 1970s, during the loft jazz era in New York City, Fischer ran a performance loft and gallery known as Environ.

He is leader of the group Interface and he performed with a.o. Perry Robinson , Mark Whitcage , Arthur Blythe , Rick Kilburn or Lester Bowie

John Fischer (left) and Arno Fischer, Director of the cultural office of the city of Wiesbaden.

John Fischer (left) and Arno Fischer, Director of Wiesbaden's Cultural Office.

U.S. Artist John Fischer Impresses Literature, Art and Jazz Fans in Wiesbaden

Selected Events 2007

John Fischer (left) and Arno Fischer,
Director of Wiesbaden's Cultural
March 13, 2007.

U.S. artist, jazz musician, and writer John Fischer presented a diverse program at Literaturhaus Villa Clementine in Wiesbaden on March 13. John Fischer, a well-known jazz pianist and one of the founders of "bread art", has had numerous art exhibits throughout the world, and will present his artwork in Gießen in 2008.

He frequently teaches at the Summer Academy in Marburg. The evening started out with the presentation of Fischer's first film, a touching commemoration of his parents, who fled Nazi-occupied Belgium in the early 1940s and made their way to New York via France and Cuba with their three children. For the first time in Germany, Fischer then read poems from his book "What's Better?". John Fischer closed the evening with jazz standards and his own compositions on the piano.

Bread Sculpture Gallery

Throughout his work Fischer uses a variety of media and styles that were always at the leading edge of developments in the art world. Sculptures hanging on soft springs, mountains of breads that the public could lie down in and throw, the invitation to the public to make their own sculptures at "Loafer Bread Baking Festivals" as but one of a few of these innovations.

The years following abstract expressionist dominance see Fischer making these objects, sculptures and happenings with real bread, often fashioned by the artist at his favorite bakery. His sculptures gained wide recognition in one man exhibits at the Alan Stone Gallery; EVERSON MUSEUM, Syracuse, N.Y.; The NEW YORK CULTURAL CENTER; Sonraed Gallery; and numerous group shows including New York's MUSEUM OF MODERN ART (l968), NY CULTURAL CENTER; The BROOKLYN MUSEUM; various shows in Connecticut, Arkansas, Chicago and Europe.His Breads sculptures included a series of jewelry pieces that were worn by thousands of people. (The Real Thing) They were featured on national television including the The Johnny Carson Show and The Merv Griffin Show as well as in Participatory Events such as The Loafers Bread Baking Festivals (l968 to l974).

When Salvador Dali saw these early images he said "You are first legitime Bread Sculptor". Duchamp's wife, Tina, said "Yes, but it's just a peice of bread"; Marcel Duchamp said in reply "Yes, but it's toast!". Louise Bourgeios said "It's a style!". Johnny Carson asked "Why Bread?", Fischer replied "Why not Bread?". Everyone else said "You'll never go hungry"


"Bagel Rope" -1973
NY Cultural Center
© John Fischer


"Fossil"  - 1965  
© John Fischer



"Lock and Bagel" - 1963
© John Fischer


"Portable Bread" - 1963
© John Fischer


"Clamp and Bread" - 1963
© John Fischer

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